60 Second Banc de Binary Options Trading Proof


Trades For Monday 23rd of July Tokyo Session

60 Second Banc de Binary Options Trades

Made $210. profit in 10 minutes

Trades For Tuesday 24th of July Tokyo Session

Made $390. profit in 13 minutes

Trades For Thursday 26th of July Late Tokyo Session

Made $215 profit in 13 minutes

Trades For Monday 30th of July Tokyo Session

Made $215. profit in 20 minutes

Trades For Thursday 2nd of August Tokyo Session

First opportunity to trade the Tokyo since Monday. 5 trades in 1/2 hour, lost 2 for only a 60% win ratio. Through creative money management, it became a great day for a total of $700. profit!

Trades for Wednesday August 8th 2012, Tokyo Session

Hi everyone, I'm on a short vacation in honor of my wife's birthday and I wasn't going to trade. But we're back at the hotel and she's taking a nap after a wonderful Thai dinner and it's about 45 minutes into the Tokyo session so I tried a few. Results are $350. profit in 5 minutes.

Trades for Wednesday August 15th 2012, New York Session

Hi Everyone, haven't been able to trade for awhile. Too busy looking after my Trading Partners. I advised a couple of days ago to lay off the EUR pairs for awhile. My buddy Ed Garrity heeded my advice and this is his trades this morning. 10 trades altogether, most made within a 1/2 hour for 6 wins. 2 pushes and 2 losses for a total profit of $220. All trades placed at $100. and largest draw down was $30. That's cool during a time when the markets are figity (probably not a real word) to say the least.

Trades for Tuesday the 21st of August Tokyo Session

Hello to all, finally got a chance to start trading again. It seems like the eur pairs are starting to come around again also but I advise to proceed with caution on them for a bit. First 3 trades in about 5 minutes. Got my $200+ and quit for the day. I don't believe in pushing it, short & sweet and love to be a winner. Cheers